Finnish Taiga chocolate availabe online Hong Kong

Photo:Taiga Chocolate.

The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong announced on 14 August 2020, that fans of Taiga Chocolate can now purchase the delicate products online in Hong Kong. The statement said:

What a happy news from our Overseas Corporate Member Taiga Chocolate that you can shop at Taiga’s online store with HKD.

Photo:Taiga Chocolate.

Taiga proudly makes their chocolate with pure ingredients fresh from Finnish nature.The brand takes pride in ensuring that their products are nutritional and part of leading a healthy life is having fun. Which is why they want to indulge you in this exotic combination of chocolate and nutrition.

Photo:Taiga Chocolate.

Our favorite chocolate is White Chocolate with Blueberries & Dark Chocolate with Sea Buckthorn Berries. What’s your favorite chocolate? What about trying Dark Chocolate with Reindeer Crisps?

Photo:Taiga Chocolate.

Ps. You can also buy the chocolates from these places in Hong Kong: CitySuper, Goodies Ltd., SverigeShoppen and WWF Pop up-store. Check your nearest retailer and happy shopping.

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