Singaporeans are the world’s fastest to adopt AI skills

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Singaporean workers are the world’s fastest when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence skills, according to the latest Future of Work report by LinkedIn.

The report measured data from 25 countries and found that Singapore has the highest “diffusion rate” — which is the share of members adding ‘AI skills’ to their profiles. It has grown 20 times since January 2016 – eight times higher than the global average.

Career expert and Asia-Pacific head of editorial at LinkedIn, Pooja Chhabria, says it is a tribute to Singapore’s ‘robust digital infrastructure, a strong framework for the protection of intellectual property, and a thriving ecosystem of venture capital firms’, which all provide capital:

“We have seen rapid growth in AI development and adoption fueled by startups and businesses over the years, in their efforts to carve out new niches or achieve greater competitive advantage.”

But Singapore is not the only country adopting the artificial skills.  In fact, a Scandinavian country comes in second place.

For Finland, the diffusion rate is 16 times higher.

Next up are Ireland (15x), India (14x), and then Canada (13x). They all round out the top five countries with the highest rates of AI skills diffusion, according to the report.

Source: CNBC

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