Smart city Bangkok symposium successful in bringing experts to share ideas

H.E. Ambassador Staffan Herrström, Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand

The TSCC Smart Cities Symposium: Connectivity and Mobility organised by Thai- Swedish Chamber of Commerce took place at the Landmark hotel on 26th November. The event was focusing on possibilities and solutions of the global movements regarding climate change and growing number of populations and how to improve living quality.There were overall 120 participants from both the private and public sectors.

With shared visions and motives from Scandinavian countries and business enterprises regarding lessen the hassles in our daily basis and increase our living quality, South East Asian countries are also gearing towards the same goal.

H.E. Staffan Herrström, Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand talked about road safety during the welcome speech, as his main concern in a busy city such as Bangkok. He gave example regarding how life quality improved during his childhood in Sweden after the seat belt and safe driving was introduced and adopted by the public. His other concern was regarding human error as negligence is still the cause of most accidents.

“In Sweden during the 60’s there were no seat belt laws or speed limits. In 1967 Sweden’s “Vision Zero” campaign started at the same time as Sweden switched from driving on the left to the right hand side of the road,” the ambassador told.

“My father was also talking about the referendum some years earlier, where a huge majority voted against the changes. Step by step, however, things started to change, infrastructure improved and life is now regarded a precious value. Awareness eventually made change happen,” the ambassador said.

‘Driving the shift toward a sustainable transport industry’ by Mr. Johan Clason, Sales and Marketing Director, Scania

Scania is also gearing towards clean energy in the future. The company suggested that public transports will help reducing polution.

Johan Clason, Scania’s Sales and Marketing Director, was one of the panel speaker regarding ‘Driving the shift toward a sustainable transport industry’ topic.

Mr. Leif Hoverberg, Technical Manager Engineering Development, Autoliv

Mr. Leif Hoverberg, Technical Manager Engineering Development, Autoliv explained how censor system in automobiles work.

“But ultimately, it is being aware of your surroundings that will help minimize the accident before it happened,” Mr. Hoverberg added.

Ms Nadine Allen, President and Country Manager, Ericsson Thailand

Telecommunication experts Ericsson and DTAC shared similar ideas of how internet of things (IoT) and 5G will improve better connectivity for businesses and help monitoring data which will assist work to process more smoothly.

Mr. Marcus Adaktusson, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Total Access Communication.
Assoc. Prof. Saksith Chalermpong, Chulalongkorn University Transportation Institute

All distinguished members and guest speakers were sharing ideas of how to make big city a safer place. IT experts mentioned Smart city system has already been implemented in practice at Chulalongkorn University as part of their study of Smart City project. They aim to install the same system in 10 other cities around Thailand.

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