Spiderweb and bloody soup haunted the Danish Church in Singapore

danish church singapore halloween
The chaplain of the Danish Seamen’s Church Singapore (third from the right) with her confirmands.

On a dark and not so stormy night of Halloween in Singapore, the Danish Seamen’s Church on Mount Faber was haunted.

Upon entering the church, guests had to navigate through spiderweb, smoke and evil spirits to get inside, where the dark was only spoiled by candles leading the way to the altar.

Here, barely recognisable, stood the chaplain, Sussie Nygaard Foged, dressed in her cassock. Her hair as black as ink, and her eyes dark.

Her confirmands were dressed in black, and one of them had a knife sticking out from his head.

halloween danish church singapore

The tradition of celebrating Halloween has spread to many parts of the world, so of course the cultural melting pot that is Singapore is not one to miss out on a good excuse to celebrate something.

Sussie Nygard Foged had therefore invited brave children to a special, scary Halloween service.

Blood and brain

The church assistant, Rebecca Holm, also dressed in black rang the bell 100 times to signal the beginning of the service.

Here, the chaplain spooked the visitors with the tale of Jack who cheated death twice when The Reaper came knocking on his door. And she told the story about Christopherus, the giant who carried the whole world on his shoulder when he was bringing a child, whom he discovered was Jesus, to the other side of the river.

Sussie Nygaard Foged then reminded everyone, that the church is a safe place on Halloween as the cross protects people against evil.

halloween danish church singapore

After the service, everyone was invited to indulge in blood red soup with sausage roll fingers and brain popcorn.

For the brave, there were touch and feel boxes where guests with strong hearts could stick their hand in and try to guess what they were touching. Beetroot, pickles, broken eggs, sticky dough and other harmless things gross to touch in the unknown, set the adrenaline and blood pumping.

Leaving the church and entering the dark at the top of the mountain, one could only hope that the protective powers of the cross followed on this night of Halloween.

halloween danish church singapore halloween danish church singapore

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  1. celebration Halloween in Singapore is one of the best and horror adventure thing to celebrate as we celebrate another festivals. I remember when i was a kid of 12 years taking participate in the same. Thanks for this information, subscribed your blog for more upcoming posts..

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