Streaming giant Netflix expands content with Danish shows and movies

The series “The Nurse” and film “A Beautiful Life” – starring Danish singer Christopher – will be launched on Netfliw in 2023. Photo: Netflix

Netflix has announced the release of Danish shows and movies further expanding its international content.

The Danish titles include, among others, the thriller series “The Nurse” and feature film “A Beautiful Life”.

The Nurse is a series based on the book “The Nurse” by Kristian Corfixen and is the true story of the Danish nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, who was convicted of attempted manslaughter of four patients at Nykøbing Falster Hospital.

The series stars Josephine Park (Baby Fever, Doggystyle) as the nurse, and Fanny Louise Bernth (Ride Upon a Storm) as the nurse’s colleague and the story’s wistleblower.

“A Beautiful Life” is a film about a young fisherman, Elliott, with an extraordinary voice who gets his chance of a lifetime when he is discovered by a high-profiled manager at a party.

Danish singer Christopher plays the role as Elliott in his first-ever film role.

The series and featured film will be launched in 2023 together with two additional titles; Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Copenhagen Cowboy” and Bille August’s “Ehrengard.”

Further, Netflix expands its Korean content with five shows released this month.

According to Yahoo Finance, Netflix’s strategy of releasing foreign language content has been a large growth driver for the streaming giant who experiences fierce streaming space competition from Disney, Apple and Comcast.


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