Svanehøj Danmark secure pump order for new Chinese MR tankers

Photo: Svanehøj

Svanehøj Danmark has secured two major P&C pump orders in China with the most recent being a contract with Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited (GSI) on a total of 96 deep well pumps for four new MR Tankers, Marine Link reports.

Svanehøj is a market-leading manufacturer of specialized deep well and in-line pumps for the marine, oil, and gas industry and the company’s newest order is the largest single P&C order since 2005.

GSI Shipyard is to build four 49,900 DWT MR Tankers for White Whale Shipping and Svanehøj has been chosen by Cosco Dalian Shipyard as the pump supplier for two similar P&C tankers.

Last year Svanehøj expanded its Chinese organization from three to 15 employees with competencies in sourcing, sales, and service and according to Sales Director Johnny Houmann, the new two orders are a result of the company’s strengthened presence in China.

To Marine Link, Johnny Houmann says, “Since establishing an office in Suzhou at the end of 2019, we have strengthened our position in China, with our own sales and service people. Through local presence, we’ve become closer to shipyards in the region, and thus gained greater insight into how we can best meet their needs.”

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