Swe embassy, Volvo Trucks Malaysia visit students

On 20 January, the Embassy of Sweden, Kuala Lumpur and Volvo Trucks Malaysia visited Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) for an interactive session with about 120 students.

The students were introduced to Swedish society and culture, with special emphasis on innovation and education, before they had the opportunity to interact with two Malaysian alumni from Swedish universities sharing their experiences of studying in Sweden.

Lastly Volvo Trucks showcased an educational and interactive safety campaign – Know Your Blind Spots, further contributing to Sweden’s long history of road safety through innovative solutions.

The Embassy of Sweden, Kuala Lumpur, hopes that the event will create many new opportunities for further strengthening the future collaboration between Sweden and Malaysia.

Details on the Know Your Blind Spots campaign, is that drivers Volvo Trucks has interacted with over the years have always commented how cars and bikes cut in front of them on the roads, not knowing that the truck drivers are unable to see them due to Blind Spots. There are many discussions amongst the drivers on this topic online.

When an accident happens, trucks drivers are always blamed. Volvo Trucks has decided to champion this cause.

Volvo Trucks aims to:

  • Influence attitudes e.g. by informing about rules, safe driving knowledge and explaining consequences of risky behaviors
  • Get truck drivers to notice other road users on the road by thinking more about the person walking, cycling and riding the motorcycle or driving the car
  • Get other road users like motorcyclists, pedestrians or cyclists to take steps to manage and reduce their own personal risk. To understand the BLIND SPOTS on a truck.

Source: Embassy of Sweden, Kuala Lumpur; Volvo Trucks Malaysia

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