SWEA Bangkok at Vivin & Grocery Cafe Asok

Fourteen SWEA Bangkok members gathered on Thursday the 1st of December 2022 at the cute little Vivin Grocery-Cafe Asok at 1   Sukhumvit 19. This place is the 2nd Vivin & Grocery Cafe/ Bistro owned by the charming, young couple Samantha and Nicholas Vivin. Samantha is half Thai and half Australian and Nicholas is French. Years ago they opened in Ekamai Sukhumvit soi 63.

In both places you will find a lot of local products selected with care. Many products are organic. You can not only eat at those places, but also buy products and take away. You will find a lot of delicious local cheese, as well as a great selection of charcuterie, just to mention a few things.


Since 2014 they have been selling a whole foie-gras terrine made after Nichola’s grandmother’s recipe. Today they have added a salmon terrine made by themselves. (Tasted aroy mak mak).

Samantha and Nicholas wish is to convince and educate local and international customers of the potential, quality and benefit of artisanal Thai products.

At the SWEA gathering, we had the opportunity to taste cheese and charcuterie as starters and to be followed by  main courses.  We were many of us who chose the Duck Confit with mashed potatoes and vegetables and some went for their famous omelets, inspired by Mere Poulard,  that are so fluffy and tasty and folded in front of you at the table.

The menu also offers several salads and sandwiches with all kind of  toppings.

In the Ekamai Bistro you can select a wine or beer, but at Asok, they have to wait for the liquor rights. When you come as a  closed society/private functions, you can order wine .

We, Swedish women, love to enjoy a good glass of wine to our meals, so we were having both a delicious white and red.


If you don’t mind the traffic or heat, you can enjoy a breakfast  or lunch sitting outside. If you are longing for just a coffee or tea, drop by any time.

This is a cozy place to take your family or friends, or just drop by to pick a a freshly baked bread, a cheese or terrine. It’s also an ideal place to find nice “give away” gifts.

If you haven’t yet paid a visit to Vivin & Grocery Ekamai or to VIVIN Grocery-Cafe Asoke, just do it!

We SWEOR had a great night!

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