Swede in Thailand publish memoir

The Swedish man Michael J. Baines, who spends his time caring for rescued streetdogs, has announced that he will release his memoir on International Dog Day, 26 August 2024.

Michael J. Baines, President and Co-Founder of The Man That Rescues Dogs Foundation, used to be a chef in Sweden before he moved to Thailand. His new book is a memoir of how his life developed from being a drug-addicted chef to working with the streetdogs in Thailand.

To read more about the work at The Man That Rescues Dogs Foundation click here.

The new book has been titled “Home. Made.”, and Michael J. Baines is excited for its release:

“It’s a damn good book… The first I’ve read in 10 years, in fact,” Baines joked. “It is the story of my life, but more importantly, it’s the story of my dogs’ lives – they’re far more interesting and inspiring than I am, and I hope readers agree.”

Source: Wate


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