Sweden appointed new envoy to China after bookseller scandal

Helena Sångeland, new ambassador of Sweden to China
(Photo: Helena Sångeland’s Twitter)

The Local Sweden reported on April 18 that Sweden appointed Helena Sångeland as new ambassador to China after the former ambassador, Anna Lindstedt is now being investigated for involving in secret meetings with Angela Gui, the daughter of imprisoned bookseller, Gui Minhai.

Before taking the position, Sångeland had worked as Swedish ambassador to countries in Asia for many years. She headed the Swedish foreign ministry’s Asia Oceania unit and been ambassador to Kuala Lumpur. She is currently the ambassador to Iran.

Sångeland will start her work as new ambassador to China this spring, according to Sweden’s foreign ministry.

Her vital tasks included tightening the ties between Sweden and China that has been strained in recent years as a consequence of a number of incidents causing a negative outcome to diplomatic situation.

One of the recently sensitive incidents between China and Sweden was the detention of a Chinese-born Swedish publisher, Gui Minhai followed by the accusation of Angela Gui, his daughter toward the former ambassador, Anna Lindstedt for having invited her to a “very strange” meeting on last January.

Anna Lindstedt is now being investigated and has not responded anything about the allegations except denying having committed a crime.

Read below about the secret meeting claimed to set by Anna Lindstedt:

Sweden investigates its Ambassador to China involving in secret meetings



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