Sweden wants NATO to focus more on China

This Tuesday, 9 July 2024, Sweden requested that NATO put more focus on China and its possible threats. They ask this to ensure the support of the United States. Both presidential candidates in the U.S. has asked for more focus on China in NATO.

Especially the former president, and current candidat for the next election, Donald Trump has critized NATO, and called them a liability for the U.S.

To have the U.S. move itself away from NATO would be a huge problem. A top diplomat from the newest member in NATO described it as ‘unthinkable’ at the 75’th anniversary alliance in Washington DC. He also stated that NATO would lack credibility if the U.S. left.

“If you want your partner to think about the things you think are a problem, you have to show commitment to their problems, and the American people are more concerned with the threat that China poses than Russia, for obvious reasons,” Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said

China has earlier lashed out at NATO through their foreign Ministry spokesman, Lin Jian, who is accusing the alliance of using China as an excuse to move eastward into the Asia-Pacific and stir up regional tensions.

Source: The Defence Post

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