Sweden’s vaccine certificate makes applying for Thailand Pass difficult

Many Swedes encounter problems when they have to prove that they have taken all their vaccine doses to be able to travel outside the EU and for Swedish comedian Måns Möller and his family this becomes a problem as they plan on traveling to Thailand. 

Because several countries including Thailand require proof of date and batch for all received covid-19 vaccines to enter the country but in the Swedish vaccine certificate there is only that information from the latest dose, Expressen writes.

According to the Swedish e-health authority, they are not responsible for other types of vaccine certificates than those approved in the EU however. 

Jan Pettersson, communications strategist at the E-health authority says in a written response to Expressen that the Swedish vaccine certificate states, in full accordance with the EU regulations, only the date of the most recent vaccination. Instead, he advises people to check with travel authorities on what is required for travel.

According to Måns Möller, it’s a dilemma because it means that the fully vaccinated family can not get approved for the ‘Thailand Pass’ which is required to enter Thailand without having to undergo up to 11 nights of quarantine upon arrival. 

As of 1 November, Thailand removed the quarantine requirement for vaccinated travelers. But the country still has strict entry rules and to avoid quarantine one must obtain a Thailand Pass. Besides having to prove all received covid-19 vaccines, travelers must also obtain insurance and book a night at a so-called SHA Extra Plus Hotel. 

For Måns Möller and his family who plan to stay longer than a month in Thailand, they also need a visa which makes the process even more complicated. He says that the process is so draining as besides having to show where you will stay in Thailand during your stay, you also need to prove you have the funds plus prove you are registered in the country you live in.

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