Swedish food swapping app launched in Singapore

Swedish Electrolux has launched a campaign called Social Food Swap. It includes an app which encourages the community in Singapore to swap food items.


The campaign encourages households in Singapore to swap 200 grams of food each week. In that way, Electrolux claims that 10.000 tonnes of wasted food can be saved in a year. That is the same as the weight of 40 MRT trains.

The idea is that home cooks with excess ingredients in their kitchen can swap these ingredients with others within their social circles who also have excess ingredients. In this way, both parties save ingredients that would otherwise be wasted and end up with ingredients that they will actually use.

Social Food Swap is part of HappyPlateSG, a community programme by Electrolux to reduce food waste in Singapore. HappyPlateSG started in 2015 and focuses on educating the public and encouraging small actions that can add up to make a big difference in reducing food waste.

So far, eight companies across Singapore have committed to hosting their own Social Food Swaps.

Companies that wish to carry out Social Food Swap can go to happyplate.sg and download the Social Food Swap Toolkit to kick start their swap.

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