Swedish IKEA sees potential in Philippine-made products

Will IKEA sell Philippine-made products? According to Georg Platzer, IKEA’s Southeast Asia development manager, the products have “potential” to be sold at IKEA stores globally.

Georg Platzer said to ABS-CBN news that Filipinos are talented in breading which has the potential to work very well with IKEA’s textile line and took note of other Philippine-made products including local kitchen bamboo products. “Of course I hope that one day we will also find products in IKEA all over the world produced by Philippine artisans and designed by people from Sweden together with very talented people here in the Philippines,” Georg Platzer said.

He explained that this was already discussed last year and he is personally not giving up on lobbying for this. “I love the country, I see what’s happening here. I see potential.” Adding that it’s still in the future but talks have already started and he remains very positive.

IKEA Philippines previously announced that local Filipino firm Rags2Riches (R2R) would become the Swedish furniture-makers sewing partner and R2R will have a spot in the new Philippine store with Filipino artisans to customize textile products.

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