Swedish leadership delegation visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen

A Swedish leadership delegation visited Hong Kong and Shenzhen in mid-November. The delegation comprised of 28 participants whom hold senior executive management positions, including successful owners and CEOs of local Swedish SMEs in industries ranging from construction to IT consulting.

This delegation intended to facilitate exchange and broaden perspectives in learning and discussion with leaders from different spheres. During the trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the delegation met with leading companies/organizations to understand how these companies operate in their industries, why they are leading the way, as well as shared and exchanged practices in leadership (i.e. how best to create an impact in a position of leadership).

Van Hoang from Business Sweden received the group, discussing the possibilities in China and Asia. “Always fun to hear insights and impressions from people visiting Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Asia for the first time. We need more SMEs to look east!” commented Van Hoang.

Ulf Mattebo, faciliator at ‘ÄgarLedare’ (OwnerLeaders), a subsidiary to Best Partner Sweden, visited Asia with the group from Sweden. ÄgarLedare in Sweden facilitates groups of owner leaders with a focus on topics around being an owner while at the same time managing one’s company. The methodology is based on experience sharing – learning and being inspired by each other.

Source: Van Hoang Trade Commissioner and Country Manager to Hong Kong & Macau, Business Sweden; Ulf Mattebo

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