Swedish Minister with fintech delegation to Singapore

Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, will lead a Swedish fintech delegation to Singapore in conjunction to the Fintech Festival during 14 Nov – 18 Nov 2016.


Minister Per Bolund’s delegation includes representatives from 12 Swedish fintech companies and Stockholm School of Economics. On the agenda are meetings with industry representatives and government representatives. On 18 November Per Bolund are invited to speak about how Sweden has become a leader in digitizing, with particular focus on Fintech at the Singapore Fintech Festival – RegTech Forum, organised by the Monetary Authority in Singapore (MAS), as the delegation will dedicated two days to the conference.

The festival gathers stakeholders of the Fintech ecosystem, including regulators, financial institutions, investors, start-ups, think tanks and research-institutes to enable sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Per Bolund will also speak at a SBAS (Swedish Business Association Singapore) breakfast meeting, giving an overview of the current state of the Swedish economy and how it is developing within the broader global economic picture.

The purpose of the Singapore visit is to exchange experiences and provide the Swedish companies involved knowledge of the market and the opportunity to build networks to promote future expansion. The delegation provides a platform for Swedish fintech Companies to meet with fintech Stakeholders in Singapore and Asia Pacific. In a separate program Swedish fintech companies can connect with equivalent stakeholders in Singapore, including Venture Capital firms and Investors.

per-bolund“There is a great interest in Sweden’s experience within digital payment systems, where we as a country are at the forefront of development. Today, cash only represent 2 per cent of the value of all payments in Sweden. Only 20 per cent of all transactions involve cash, compared with the global average of 75 per cent. Many of us like to use digital payment services and this interest is driving the development,” says Per Bolund.

“We get several new ways to pay for goods and services, while reducing transaction costs. It is a positive development which makes it easier for both consumers and entrepreneurs.”

The SBAS breakfast meeting with Per Bolund takes place on Thursday 17 November 2016, between 08:00-09:30, at Tanglin Club, The Raffles Room, 5 Stevens Road.

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