Swedish School Organization Bangkok pays a visit to “Mamma’s Kök”

The Swedish School organisation meets regularly Saturday mornings at NIST on Sukhumvit soi 15. On Saturday February the 9th, NIST was closed, so we took some of our young pupils to “Mamma’s Kök” at Rama 1V and were greeted by Mia Palmqvist and Andreas Andersson. The kids were all curious, it’s not every day you have a lesson in a restaurant and get the chance to see how a “Semla” (Shrove bun) is baked and how exciting isn’t it to make your own meatballs and eat with mashed potatoes, a gravy and cranberries.

All the kids participated and rolled the grounded meat into perfect round balls. Mia and Andreas told them the importance of having clean hands before you start cooking or baking and every child went, without complaining, to wash their hands and even used soft gloves while touching the meat.

It was a joy to see how happy they were with the result and the food was finished in a very short time. It tasted yummy. Some parents and grandparents were also present and seemed to enjoy it as much as the kids.

At “Mamma’s Kök”, you can both have a cup of coffee or tea and a meal. Mia also does take away. There are many offices around the neighbor and they have discovered Mia’s delicious lunch boxes.

All the typical Swedish cakes like; Arrack cakes, in Swedish called “Dammsugare” (Hoovers), Chocolate Biscuits, Apple pie, Chocolate balls etc. are there to be enjoyed. Popular are also the “Smörgåstårtor” cakes with layers of cheese, ham, shrimps, salmon, sausage, you name it.

If you haven’t been to “Mamma’s Kök” yet, don’t hesitate, go and see what this little shop/restaurant offers, because you are worth it.

Mamma’s Kök Café Boutique 1905 Rama 1V Road Khwaeng Lumpini, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330


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