Swedish woman sentenced to prison for hiding her child in Thailand

A Swedish woman who took her child and ran away to Thailand two years ago has been sentenced to prison, Expressen writes citing Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.

The woman and the child’s father had been in a divisive custody dispute over the couple’s son since the child was born. A battle which the woman lost in 2019 and it was decided that the son should live with his father. But before the district court’s decision had time to be enforced, the woman disappeared with the child. Later it turned out that she had brought the child to Thailand.

The woman was arrested in Thailand in January for reportedly overstaying her visa and deported back to Sweden. Upon arrival, she was placed in custody and has now been sentenced to one year and three months in prison for taking the child to Thailand and for benefit violations. She must pay SEK 45,000 in damages to the child and SEK 25,000 to the child’s father.

The father has now been given sole custody of the child. The woman has always denied the crime.

“I had to protect my child,” she said during the trial, according to NWT.


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