Taiwan and Singapore has the longest work hours

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Singapore and Taiwan were amongst the top six countries with the longest average working hours last year, according to a report on international labor by the the Taiwanese Ministry of Labor. Scandinavia was, perhaps not controversially, in the other end, being some of the nations with the least amount of working hours on average.

The report lists the economies with the highest number of annual average working hours in 2022: Colombia (2381 hours), Mexico (2355 hours), Singapore (2293 hours), Costa Rica (2242 hours), Chile (2026 hours) and Taiwan (2008 hours).

Comparing the result to other Asian countries, Taiwan’s annual working hours were shorter than Singapore, but still longer than both South Korea (1904 hours) and Japan (1626 hours).

In Scandinavia, the numbers were lower. In Norway the number was 1409 hours, Sweden with 1401 hours and Denmark with the lowest number of 1360 hours of work per year on an average scale.

Source: Taipei Times 

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