Take Eat Easy in Soi Yenakat 19

Dear readers, I am excited to introduce you to a recently opened restaurant in Soi Yenakat 19, Sathorn. Yenakat has emerged as quite a culinary street area a string of exquisite restaurants. 

In a previous issue, I had the pleasure of introducing you to the Swedish fine dining experience of Villa Frantzen and its charismatic Chef Nilas. Today, I am thrilled to continue this gastronomic journey to Take Eat Easy, the latest addition to Yenakat’s culinary landscape.

Take Eat Easy is a restaurant built of mostly wood. It has a huge, beautiful terrace with many different green plants and orchids. You can dine on the terrace or inside in the contemporary dining room. There is also a bar if you just wish to drop by for a cocktail.

The food is Californian style, lots of smoked dishes. You can come for a healthy breakfast, a light lunch or a delicious dinner.

There is something for all tastes. I had the great pleasure to be invited to taste the food and beverage short after the soft opening that took place in the beginning of April 2024.

Since many years, I happen to know and be a friend of the Swedish Entrepreneur Johan Per Simon Davidsson. Many of you may have heard about and some even met this creative, dynamic young man here in Bangkok before. He was the one who started his hotel carrier at Hotel Fenix with the Rooftop bar The Nest, on Sukhumvit Soi 11, followed by the Muse Hotel. Among others.

If I should write about all the projects Johan has been in charge of, the magazine will be far too thick. I do have to mention though, that Johan for years was in control of and managed well known places like the Iron Fairies, Maggie Chou, The Flow bar, the Six degrees at Silom Road, just to mention a few. All popular places then as well as now.

Johan has also experience from previous jobs in Australia, Brisbane, The Valley and of course in his home country Sweden.

It is easier to tell what this hyper active man has done. His head is working 24 hours, always new ideas, some possible to realize, some maybe not.

Even if Johan seems to have many irons in the fire, he takes time for his Thai wife Caliana, who also works with him, and their two young, adorable children, a son and a daughter.

The restaurant belongs to a Russian company and Johan is responsible for food and beverage, he calls himself “the Group chef”.

On my first evening to Take Eat Easy I tried raw tuna in a delicious sauce as a starter, followed by lamb chops, which is my favorite meat.

I don’t lie if I tell you, it was to die for, so tender and juicy.

The wine list is also something special. We started with a bottle that had a kind of weird label name “You fuck my wine?”

A very easily drinking wine that tasted like more.

If you are not a big wine liker, I’m happy to tell you that you can order draft dark beer Laos, which is one of the best dark beers I know, in the good company of the Belgian Leffe.

It’s amazing that so many really good restaurants have popped up more or less next to each other on Yenakat e.g., Mamma Dolores, a more casual open-air restaurant, the Fine dining Workshop, the Gagette and Villa Frantzen.

If you, like me, live on Sukhumvit, you might think it is too complicated to travel to Sathorn, but believe me, it is worth it.

I am, for sure, going back in the very near future as I also have the pleasure finding my Goddaughter working there. All good things come in a three pack, food, Johan and Goddaughter.

See you at Take Eat Easy – the ultimate place just to sit and take it easy!

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