Tetra Pak and Eco Friendly Thai in recycling drive

Mr. Patinya Silsupadol, Head of Sustainability, Tetra Pak (Thailand)

The Swedish-Swiss multinational food packaging and processing company, Tetra Pak, has announced a partnership with Eco Friendly Thai, in which they will work together to recycle used beverage cartons.

Please see the press release below, provided by Midas Communications International.

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, announced a partnership with Eco Friendly Thai, a recycling company based in Ratchaburi province. Eco Friendly Thai will recycle used beverage cartons and transform them into valuable products, aiming to collect 500 tons of used beverage cartons per month. This partnership is aligned with Tetra Pak’s strategic intention to build a sustainable collection and recycling network for used beverage cartons in Thailand — a network which would enable systematic packaging waste management in line with the national agenda of circular economy and Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy. With an aim to enhance sustainability across the value chain, from sourcing to production to the end of life of the products, Tetra Pak Thailand and Eco Friendly Thai will contribute to SDGs 12, 15 and 17.

“Eco Friendly Thai specializes in the recycling of used paper and used cartons. The company is dedicated to creating value out of these often-neglected waste materials in order to put them back into the economy. Eco Friendly Thai has developed a unique Zero Waste recycling system that maximizes the number of recyclable materials and minimizes the consumption of wastewater by reusing them throughout the process. The output product line includes specially developed pulp and raw materials for a wide range of applications such as paper, fibre cement products, eco brick, recycled plastic, and eco wood plastic and/or aluminium composite.

Eco Friendly Thai specializes in the recycling of used paper and used cartons

“Beverage cartons consist of a few substrate materials that have great potential for full recycling into new products. Therefore, we focus on every step of creating value by trading in used beverage cartons within the industry, thus contributing to proper waste collection. And then we apply our own unique recycling process technology and the capacity of our facilities to maximize the benefit of every part of those packaging,” said Mr. Somyos Watapanich, Managing Director of Eco Friendly Thai Limited.

This partnership reaffirms Tetra Pak’s commitment in leading the sustainability transformation by enabling collaborations with all companies, organizations, and local authorities in collecting and recycling used beverage cartons. Building a network of partners strengthens Thailand’s recycling system, and supporting recycling plants in manufacturing valuable products out of used beverage cartons, Tetra Pak contributes to the circularity and the increase of the volume of recycled materials.

Mr. Patinya Silsupadol, Head of Sustainability, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited said: “We are constantly working with our partners across multiple sectors to promote the collection, sorting, and recycling of used beverage cartons.

n particular, we focus on assisting recycling company operators which is the main part of the recycling process with information technology and raw materials to run trails and add value to recycled products. Collaboration with Eco Friendly Thai allows us to enhance collection volumes and recycling capacity of used beverage cartons. This will benefit the industry in the long term and contribute to the same objective of enhancing the whole system’s efficiency in order to develop a sustainable low-carbon circular economy of recycled materials in Thailand.”

ScandAsia also  reported in December on how Tetra Pak has teamed up up with Government and Industrial partners to drive EPR in Thailand.  Read that article here.

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  1. it’s good when two giants unite in search of a solution to this problem, I hope that they will come to a solution to this problem and establish
    required amount of processing. Recycling and recycling, in this case, one of the possible ways to solve this problem, it is necessary to reduce emissions and pollution levels.

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