Thai-Danish couple takes over local hotel and adds a Thai restaurant 

The couple Nu and Peder Haahr have taken over the lease of Motel Højer in the south of Denmark and to stand out, they will be opening a Thai restaurant on the premises as well.

Nu Haahr is from Thailand and has worked in several Thai restaurants in Denmark and had her own restaurants in Thailand. The couple plans to run the building consisting of 22 beds as a hotel and at the same time offer Thai food both in-house and as takeaway.

To local media JydskeVestkysten, Peder Haahr explains that the couple has been on the lookout for a place to make a Thai restaurant for a while and they eventually decided on the Motel because the Thai restaurant would make the place stand out from others in the area.

“The interesting thing about this area is that there are no other Thai restaurants around,” Peder Haahr says.

The building owner Kaare Holler Jessen, who is letting go of the Motel to focus entirely on his other Hotel in town, calls the situation ideal – not only for his own business but also for the city in general. He says that more restaurants could make people want to stay longer and it could attract more tourists to the area.

Nu and Peder Haahr are currently working around the clock to hopefully be able to open the restaurant on 17 July which is just two days after they take over the premises. Not much needs to be done on the premises itself besides small alterations in the kitchen and adding what is needed in the Thai kitchen, but the time-consuming tasks include making agreements with suppliers and obtaining the right permits.

“We are busy with all sorts of things now, we hope to be able to open on July 17, but our plan is a bit tight. But we still hope, ” Peder Haarh says

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