Thai woman sued after affair with a Dane & money swindle

An Australian man is taking legal action against his Thai ex-wife after she allegedly had an affair with a Danish man and swindled his money. The Thai woman claims, that the Thai police has sided with her ex-husband and is treating her unfairly.

The Australian man claims, that the Thai woman was married to Danish man before and during their relationship. Therefore, he accused her of being with him only for financial gains and wanted her to pay back the money.

The man went to the police, who then showed up at the Thai woman’s house, demanding 100,000 baht from her to settle the case. The Thai woman borrowed money from a friend and even pawned her gold jewellery to pay half of the money.

Afterwards, she sought legal assistance and a lawyer told her, that it was not legal for the police to extort money from her and give it to her ex-husband. The Mueang Pattaya Police Station didn’t want to comment on the allegations. Furthermore, her ex-husband claimed, that he didn’t know, how the police had obtained the money from her.

The Thai woman has felt unsafe in her home in Pattaya and has therefore moved to Nakhon Nayok. She also claimed, that her ex-husband continued harassing her online. For instance he posted a picture of her on social media with the text “Hi, little whore.”


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