The Geopolitics of Energy Transition in Asia – webinar by SWEDCHAM Singapore

Global businesses are at the precipice of a grand sustainability reset driven by the broader technological transformation and green innovation in critical sectors. But major geopolitical events in recent months have dramatically altered the global net-zero picture. The conflict in Ukraine, for instance, has triggered a global energy crisis that has forced governments to reconsider timelines of commitments to cut the use of fossil fuels.

For Asian economies dependent on imported fossil fuels, volatile prices have caused fuel shortages, disruptions in supply chains, inflation, food scarcity, and political instability. In the coming decades, Asia will most likely witness a highly disruptive transition in which decarbonisation will occur in unexpected ways, which would present significant challenges for businesses.

On Thursday, August 25, Swedish Chamber of Commerce Singapore has invited Ms Reema Bhattacharya​​, Head of Asia Risk Insight at Verisk Maplecroft​ to give her view on the grand sustainability reset.

15:00-15:40: Presentation by Ms Reema Bhattacharya​​
15:40-16:00: Q&A

The event is open for members and non-members located in any country.

Register for the event on the SWEDCHAM website.

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