The Swedish consulate general in Hong Kong advice to register if going to Hong Kong

This photo taken on July 1, 2019, police stand inside the Legislative Council complex as they look at protesters attempting to smash their way into the building in Hong Kong. – Some of them have lost their jobs, suffered life-changing injuries and even been forced into exile. But six months into Hong Kong’s demonstrations, pro-democracy protesters say they aren’t backing down. (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP)

The Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong published official statement for Swedish travellers and residents to be more cautious in certain areas of demonstration, recommend to register travellers’ information to Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website for further assistance and update themselves on official links for transportation.

The statement published on 9th December 2019 said:

“The Consulate General wants to draw attention to Swedish citizens who are in or planning to visit Hong Kong that there have been several major demonstrations in Hong Kong since June. This has, during certain times, had a major impact on accessibility and public transport. Air traffic to and from Hong Kong has also been affected. Please note that increased scrutiny of travellers’ electronic devices has been reported during border checks between Hong Kong and China.”

“On October 5, 2019, the Hong Kong Government imposed a masking ban. The prohibition means that masking of the face in certain circumstances, such as during unlawful gatherings and public meetings, is punishable by fines and imprisonment as a result.”

“In connection with this, there have also been clashes between police and protesters where there have been violent incidents. The situation is unpredictable and you should be vigilant and keep abreast of developments. Follow local media and authorities for updates on the situation. Avoid areas where demonstrations and large crowds gather.”

“The unrest in Hong Kong has been suppressed in recent times, but the situation is still unpredictable and we recommend, as before, all Swedish citizens to exercise great caution, avoid crowdfunding and closely follow local news.”

“The Consulate General further urges all Swedish citizens to register on the Swedish list so that the consulate can issue information if needed: . If we do not know that you are in Hong Kong, we cannot reach you either. We also ask you who have left Hong Kong to remove your information from the Swedish list so that we do not needlessly search for you:älan/ .”

“The public transport has been affected, but the subway system (MTR) now runs as usual except for a couple of lines that are still closed.”

Link to public transport information in Hong Kong:

Transport Department of HKSAR, special traffic website:

“The public transport system was affected during the unrest but is now running as normal with the exception for a few lines, which are still closed.”

“Travelers should also be aware that there are additional security controls at HK International Airport and that traveling with Airport Express may be affected. Therefore, be sure to allow extra time to travel to the airport and for completing check-in procedures.Therefore, be sure to allow extra time to travel to the airport and for completing check-in procedures.”

“Travellers should also be aware that air traffic may be affected as well as limited opportunities to get to and from HK International Airport with Airport Express. Therefore, be sure to be out in good time before departure.”

Link to Hong Kong International Airport:

Link to airline contact numbers:

For any questions, please call +852 2521 1212 or email to [email protected]

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