The Tokyo heat is hard to handle for Danish Olympic Golfers

Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate and the summer months of June to September are considered hot months which is something the Danish golfers Nanna Koerstz Madsen and Emily Kristine can feel, BT writes.

On Wednesday the temperature reached about 40 degrees in the sun at the Olympic golf course in Tokyo and to avoid heatstroke, the two Danish participants had to take several precautions during the opening round.

Along her way around the golf course, Nanna Koerstz Madsen, who is split number seven after the first day, managed to drink six liters of water which even surprised her. To BT she could hardly believe that she had managed to consume that much water. “It sounds crazy, have I really drunk that much. I actually did not think it was that much, she said, but her caddie confirmed that she had in fact emptied 12 water bottles.

Emily Kristine Pedersen, who ended the day in a shared 16th place, drank the same amount of water. “You drink water as fast as you would eat M&M’s,” she said. Adding, “It’s insanely hot. I usually do not use a sun umbrella, but today I did.”

The women golfers also soaked towels in ice water and sprayed themselves with cold water to cope with the heat.

It is not the first time Nanna Koerstz Madsen has had to play in such a hot climate and has played under harsher conditions in the past. “Earlier this year I was in Thailand and Singapore in the same heat, but the humidity was higher, so it was worse. But it was good preparation for this, she said.

The Women’s Olympic Golf Tournament takes place over four rounds and ends on Saturday.

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