China and Norway tops in overall Olympic medal totals of Asian and Nordic countries 

The Olympics are in the books and with 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals, China is the second most successful nation at the Tokyo Olympics this year, only topped by the United States which won a total of 113 medals altogether.  

Before the final day on Sunday, China was in the lead regarding most medals but with the American win in water polo, volleyball, and basketball, the United States ultimately topped the number of Olympic medals.

In the gold, silver, bronze overall Olympics medal totals, Norway finished as the 20th nation with the most overall standing medals (4 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) followed by Sweden which placed 23rd (3 gold, 6 silver, 0 bronze), Denmark placed 25th (3 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze) and Finland placed 85th with just 2 bronze medals won.

With one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals won, Hong Kong finished as the 49th country on the list, the Philippines placed 50th (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), Indonesia 55th (1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze), Thailand 59th (1 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze) while Malaysia finished in the 74th place with one silver medal and one bronze medal won.

Source: Tokyo Olympic official site

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