Three Taiwanese people lose nationality lawsuit against Norway

Three Taiwanese people living in Norway lost a lawsuit against the Norwegian government, where they accused the government of wrongly changing their nationality from “Taiwanese” to “Chinese” on their residency permits, reports the Taiwanese daily Taipei Times.

The court of Oslo ruled 28 April that the Norwegian government follows the “One China” policy and therefore doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent state – and the decision to change the nationality of Taiwanese people residing in the Scandinavian country corresponds with the government’s policy. The court ruled the lawsuit as ‘without justification’.

“The ruling was widely expected, but we have decided to appeal,” said Joseph, one of the Taiwanese people who filed the lawsuit.

“The judge did not give us the chance to express ourselves in court, so our right to a fair trial was violated,” added Joseph, who is a lawyer.

The lawsuit was backed by many of the Taiwanese residents in Norway along with numerous Taiwanese exchange students in the Scandinavian country.

According to Taipei Times, Joseph has announced that if they lost the lawsuit, they would file an appeal all the way to European Court of Human Rights to ensure “that the world hears the voice of the Taiwanese people”.

Source: Taipei Times

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  1. Somebody needs to remind Norway why they celebrate May 18. Or do they still consider themselves a part of Denmark and Sweden? Guess they forgot their own history. Too bad my grandfather isn’t around, he could remind them what it means to be Norwegian.

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