TOP-10 best Drone Show Сompanies

In creating the rating, we were taking into account a few criteria, such as:

  • Performances per year. How many displays a firm provides is a point that can’t be missed. A firm that can host several events probably has a sizable fleet and the best professionals.
  • The display’s size. Another important element is the scope and intricacy of the shows that a firm creates. Organizations producing complex and distinctive performances are likely to have more experienced staff.
  • Price/quality ratio. Almost every company can set high prices, but the question is: are they able to provide a client with the appropriate quality? A balance between price and quality is one of the most important criteria for selecting a company.
  • Safety measures and regulations followed. This criterion looks at the company’s safety measures, and how well the safety of their pilots, technicians, and audience is ensured during the shows.
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction ratings. It’s crucial to look at customers’ satisfaction level, and whether or not the company can provide good service.

TOP-10 best Drone Show Сompanies

  1. Lumasky Drone Show
  2. Geoscan Drone Show
  4. Firefly 
  5. SkyElements Drone Show
  6. BotLab Dynamics
  7. Dronisos
  8. Uvify
  9. High-Great
  10. Verge Aero

Let us look closer at the companies from the rating

Lumasky Drone Show

Lumasky marks the beginning of our drone show company rating. One of the top organizations in the sector, Lumasky, has a large fleet of 4,000 drones. Based in Dubai, this company has provided drone show services worldwide since 2022, featuring experienced professionals and inspired artists with years spent in the event field. UNESCO, BVLGARI, and different MENA ministries are among their clients. Lumasky company is constantly developing and using cutting-edge technologies, such as pyrodrones, which allows it to organize unforgettable performances. The display during the MSC World Europa naming ceremony in Doha and the largest drone show in the Middle East, with 3,200 drones released above Riyadh, are two of their most notable performances.


Geoscan Drone Show

A team of brilliant designers and skilled engineers that is what the Geoscan Drone Show is. They are experts in creating drones and organizing drone performances worldwide. Geoscan was established in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2011, and since introducing its drone show branch the following year, it has expanded to rank among the top drone enterprises in Russia. Using their own drones, the Geoscan specialists have been producing light performances worldwide while collaborating with companies like Oppo, Samsung, Hyundai, Nike, Lexus, and many more. Geoscan even broke the record for the most drones launched simultaneously in Russia in 2020.



A renowned provider of drone light displays with offices in both Singapore and the United Kingdom, SKYMAGIC can organize both outdoor and indoor performances. The crew at SKYMAGIC has been performing with drones since 2015 and holding shows all around the world. Two of their most incredible displays are Queen’s platinum Jubilee event in 2022 and a performance at the Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai countdown. Considering that the company’s experts are CAA approved, one can be confident that the show will be both aesthetically captivating and secure. In addition to personalized indoor and outdoor presentations with standard drones, SKYMAGIC now provides pyrodrones, a new kind of drone created by Fireworks by Grucci in partnership with SKYMAGIC.


Firefly Drone Shows

Firefly Drone Shows company organizes top-notch drone light displays for the entire USA and a few other countries around the world. The crew has experienced specialists and designers, offering complete show production and organizing safe and fully customizable drone performances. What’s more, the specialists are FAA approved, so you can be sure the show is held according to the highest industry standards. Founded in Detroit, the company can boast about collaborations with Disney Plus, Amazon, Ford, Siemens, DELL technologies, and others. For example, one of their displays was dedicated to the promotion of Doja Cat’s album in collaboration with Amazon.


SkyElements Drone Show

Sky Elements Drone Show, based in Texas, USA, is also one of the leading drone light show providers in the United States. A group of FAA approved specialists has planned drone performances around the country for local events. The Sky Element’s drones are able to fly at 120 meters, making it possible for everyone to watch the show even from a long distance. Their list of accomplishments includes several performances, such as the 400-drone light show at the 65th Grammy Awards. 


BotLab Dynamics

BotLab Dynamics, a drone show innovator based in India, uses swarm technology for autonomous, concurrent flying to produce sky designs. The firm staged India’s first QR Code in the sky in Mumbai on May 17, 2022, and established the record for India’s largest drone light display with 1,000 drones at Rashtrapati Bhavan. They want drone light shows to become more widespread instead of fireworks so that people may have fun without any pollution.



Dronisos is a large company based in France that provides indoor and outdoor displays throughout the world. From intricate formations to complex designs, the company’s engineers and visual artists bring various displays to life using the latest technology and equipment. They even have their own mini drones, which were introduced by Marco Tempest on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Dronisos has been collaborating with such brands as Netflix, Lancome, Peugeot, Volvo, and plenty of others. Dronisos even beat the world record for the most drones flying indoors simultaneously at the San Giovanni Festival in Italy.



With offices in the United States, Canada, China, and South Korea in addition to its San Francisco headquarters, the huge drone show firm Uvify is a global service provider. More than 500 high-tech drones make up Uvify’s fleet, and the business also develops and sells its own technology and drones. The experts at Uvify even came up with the first swarm drone for a light display to be sold commercially. One of Uvify’s most well-known performances was a light show with 1,000 IFO drones for a K-Pop concert to ring in the new 2021 year and Hyundai’s annual countdown event. What a record holder in our drone show company rating!



A high-tech business called High-Great was founded in 2014 and focuses on drone R&D, production, sales, and drone light performances. High-Great, a Chinese company, is among the biggest drone show organizations in Asia, providing indoor and outdoor displays and having more than 5000 drones in its fleet. The company even broke four world records at once with their amazing and stunning performance that took place at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Sports Complex on May 18 and 19, 2021.


Verge Aero

And the final position in the drone show company rating belongs to Verge Aero. It is a drone performance company founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2016 that offers drone performances worldwide. In addition to arranging events, the company’s talented designers and skilled engineers also develop drone-related technology and their own drones to make the entire process safer and more flexible. Verge Aero were the first to use drone light performance in a music video for the American vocalist Ollie Gabriel and the Australian electronic music band PNAU. Verge Aero even participated in America’s Got Talent: Extreme and got a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell, demonstrating their proficiency and impressing the judges and the audience.

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