Trash in Denmark supports organizations in Thailand

A local man in Denmark has organized for part of cans to support among others prosthesis work in Thailand.

In the Danish city of Billund there is a REMA 1000 store. Now there has been established another donations option next to where the Danes usually return their beer and soda cans. At the top of the cans there is a piece of metal which is used to open the cans. This is the piece of metal that the local Kim Christensen is interested in. This small piece of metal can make a big difference.

Kim Christensen is a part of an organization called Malteserriddernes hospitalorden, and they have been contributing to the main organizers who is called “Projekt dåseringe”.

Projekt Dåseringe is an organization that has been running since 2002, where they have gatheres aid to a specific proteses hospital in Chiang Mai. The organization is supported by multiple voulenteers and organizations primarily from Denmark and Norway. However the organisation recieves the can-rings from both Sweden and Germany.

Malteserriddernes Hospitalorden has been selling the metal rings from the cans since 2012, but this is the first time they cooperate with REMA 1000.

Source: Jydske Vestkysten

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One Comment on “Trash in Denmark supports organizations in Thailand”

  1. Hej
    Flot artikel – men flere forkerte oplysninger.
    Projektet har kørt siden 2002 – og støtter et hospital i Chiang Mai. Kongehuset støtter det.
    Det er ikke Malteser Ordenen der står bag – de er en del af det.
    Det er en Inner Wheeler der har startet det.
    I dag hedder det Projekt Dåseringe

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