Tuk Tuk driver arrested for stealing Swedish tourist’s phone

A Tuk Tuk taxi driver was arrested on Saturday for stealing an iPhone from a Swedish tourist in Patong.

According to the Patong Police, Merdzana Pepic, the Swedish tourist, reported her phone missing, adding that she might have forgotten it in a Tuk Tuk.

She had taken the Tuk Tuk taxi earlier in the morning from Bangla Road to her hotel. When she arrived at the hotel, she realized that her iPhone 14 Pro Max was missing. She assumed she had either dropped it or forgotten it in the Tuk Tuk on her way back.

The Patong Police used a phone tracking mobile device to locate the iPhones whereabouts and discovered that the phone was on Taweewong Road in Patong. When the police went to the location, they found the Tuk Tuk taxi parked in the spot.

The driver of the Tuk Tuk arrived as the police was waiting for him. Upon searching the Tuk Tuk, the police found the phone stashed behind the driver’s seat. The driver confessed that he found the dropped iPhone and concealed it behind his seat.

Source: thethaiger.com

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