Vietnamese sisters have been deported from Sweden

On Monday morning, the sisters Quyens, Trams and Vys began their deportation journey to Vietnam.
“It’s horrible, being forced to leave them,” says emergency contact person Irena Zekan.

Sunday to Monday morning, the police had surveillance at the emergency home.
On Monday morning at 4:00 a.m. they took the younger sisters Vy and Tram to the police station.

The sister’s father and older sister Quyen, who were in separate detention centers in Skåne, were also picked up by law enforcement.

The police had arranged for the younger sisters to go by bus with Quyen to the airport.

The sisters had felt uneasy lately. One of them became bedridden and did not want to eat or go to school. On the day of departure she was absent and tired. At school, they received nice farewells and presents from the school, teachers and classmates, Irena shares.

But at nine o’clock on Monday morning, Quyen announced to Irena that they were on the plane towards Vietnam.


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