Two planes to deliver 35 million self-tests from China to Denmark

In the last half of January, two large cargo aircraft will be landing and taking off several times from Billund Airport as they will be transporting 35 million covid-19 self-test from China to Denmark.

JydskeVestkysten writes that the world’s second-largest cargo aircraft, an Antonov 124, will land and take off five times in Billund Airport while the jumbo jet Boeing 747-400F will land and take off eight times.

The freight forwarding company Spedman Global Logistics is responsible for the shipment and they have chosen Billund Airport as the so-called air bridge for the 35 million self-tests to be imported to Denmark from China.

Martin Bødker Andersen, deputy director at Spedman Global Logistics said in a press release that the company has been met with great flexibility and that the employees at Billund Airport are quick and efficient to solve the task on our terms. “The planes are quickly emptied, loaded on trucks, and out on the road to the final destinations. It is high class, and it is not seen in many places,” he said.

The 35 million self-tests from China are the final part of the Government’s order of a total of 65 million self-tests.

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