Two Scandinavian cities in top 5 over worlds smartest cities 2023

The Smart City Index 2023 has Oslo and Copenhagen in top 5 over smartest cities in the world.

The index is published by The Smart City Observatory, which is a part of the Swiss business school Institute for Management Development. It ranks 141 cities based on how it uses technology to address the challenges its citizens face, to achieve a higher quality of life.

Zurich was awarded the first spot, while Oslo was ranked second smartest city in the world. Copenhagen came in fourth, Helsinki is ranked eight, while Stockholm managed to secure a spot in top 10.

Among Southeast Asian cities was Singapore ranked 7 smartest city in the world, an thereby smartest city in Asia.

This is the third time Singapore has been seventh on the list. In 2020 and 2021, the city was in the same spot, while the index was not released in 2022.

These are the smartest cities in the world, according to the Smart City Index:
1. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Oslo, Norway
3. Canberra, Australia
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Lausanne, Switzerland
6. London, the UK
7. Singapore
8. Helsinki, Finland
9. Geneva, Switzerland
10. Stockholm, Sweden

The data has been collected from over 20,000 citizens, who were surveyed on about 15 aspects of life in their respective city. Some of the questions included affordable housing, road cramming, green spaces, fulfilling employment needs, as well as structures and technologies built to address their concerns.


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