Uighur rights campaigners in China plan to expose Airbnb in Norway and globally

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Uighur human rights fighters in China are in the process of launching a campaign in countries like Norway and Finland to expose and encourage Airbnb to withdraw its support for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The campaigners have with their ‘The End the Uighur Genocide Movement’ publicly supported Uighur Muslims in China, who are alleged to have been prosecuted and detained in secret interment camps in China.

The campaign is designed to expose Airbnb globally, comparing accommodation photos listed on the site to those purportedly in the detention camps. Set to be launching soon in Norway, Finland, the UK, The UAS, France, Australia, Japan, and the Netherlands, they are calling for Airbnb and the other 13 members of the Olympic Partner [TOP] Programme, to revoke their sponsorship of the Games or pay a commercial price if they are associated with the next edition of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The commercial price would potentially be donated to corporate social responsibility initiatives and projects.

To move the matter forward, the campaigners have asked to meet virtually with Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, and attached a letter that reads: “All over the world, campaigners, politicians, and celebrities are waking up to the horror of what is going on. There is now a real risk that that Airbnb’s brand will be stained by your association with the Genocide Games.”

Airbnb is an official Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner together with the likes of Allianz, Coca Cola, Samsung, Panasonic, Visa International, Omega, Intel, and Atos but, Airbnb is believed to be the first company to be targeted publicly by ‘The End the Uighur Genocide Movement’.

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