Vietnam to start building with Finnish approved low-carbon cement

Betolar cement products

In their efforts to promote green solutions in the building industry in Vietnam, the Finnish Embassy in Hanoi and Business Finland joined hands to support the signing of the agreement on 30 June 2022 between between Công ty Cổ Phần Đầu tư Phát Triển Trung Hiếu (Vietnam) and concrete brick manufacturer Betolar (Finland).

According to the embassy’s Facebook page, it said: “Based on a 5-year commercial agreement, Trung Hieu is authorized to use Geoprime® solution in the production of the company’s products. The deal helps reduce 80% CO2 emissions in raw material production by leveraging on local industrial additives.

Vietnam to reduce 80% CO2 emissions in raw material production

“Vietnam is the third largest cement producer in the world and the fourth largest cement consumption market, about 85 million tons/year. The Vietnamese market has significant commercial potential in the coming years and the potential for cement substitution is huge. ” Mr Juha Pinomaa, Betolar’s Asian Regional Head of Representative.

Betolar’s first deal in the Vietnamese market paves the way for the production of low carbon concrete products of circular economy and promotes green construction in Vietnam.

Source: The Embassy of Finland in Vietnam and Betolar

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