Vietnamese people in Sweden commemorated the International Mother Language Day

Vietnamese Association in Eskilstuna, Sweden held an event to celebrate International Mother Language Day at the Eskilstuna City Cultural Centre on 2nd March.

Attending the celebration were a number of the Association’s leaders, representatives from the Embassy of Vietnam in Sweden and hundreds of Vietnamese students in Sweden and local people.

At the event, the attendees were reminded of the significance of preserving and promoting the mother languages of each nation in general, and of the Vietnamese community in Sweden in particular. Besides, hundreds of Swedish and Vietnamese traditional books, newspapers, magazines and pictures were also displayed in the programme.

Notably, a class was also held at this event to help Vietnamese-Swedish students learn about their homeland’s national culture, history and geography, as well as knowledge related to Vietnamese seas, islands and international law of the sea, including the United Nations Charter on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982), which was adopted more than 40 years ago.

More than 21 thousand Vietnamese people are living in Sweden. Most of them still maintain their cultural identity and mother language while integrating into Swedish society. The protection and maintenance of cultures and languages of ethnic groups are also supported by the Swedish authority through a variety of activities, including the International Mother Language Day Celebration as above.

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