Vissim to deliver maritime awareness system for Thai coastline

The Norwegian technology company Vissim has entered into a contract with the Thai Government to deliver a complete maritime awareness solution to ensure safe navigation in ports as well as maritime safety and security within Thailand’s exclusive economic zone on the country’s west coast and on the lower Gulf of Thailand, according to this press release.

“We will basically digitalize the ocean space along Thailand’s western coastline towards the Andaman Sea and the lower Gulf of Thailand on the country’s east coast. The system’s primary purpose was to optimize port efficiency and safety. However, with this extension, it will also contribute towards improving maritime security along the coastline, including helping to combat maritime crime such as smuggling, piracy, and illegal fishing,” says Håvard Odden, head of Vissim’s maritime awareness business area. 

The system provides a real-time overview of marine traffic and numerous factors affecting traffic, such as weather, winds, wave conditions, and more. In total, this provides a highly valuable decision support platform that can both optimize marine traffic and protect marine assets and life. 

Vissim’s scope of work is to deliver 23 sensor sites along the relevant coastline. The sites will incorporate radars, an automatic identification system (AIS), CCTV, and metrological and hydro sensors for wave and tidal conditions. Vissim will also provide software and technology for a new control center in Bangkok, where Thai authorities can monitor relevant ports and coastline sections. 

“Our system is not for passive monitoring. It is a system designed to create maritime awareness and to really understand the threats to maritime safety and security among millions of data points. At the same time, it creates confidence that you are in control of the situation in the area of interest. We achieve this by providing a comprehensive data platform, combining multiple data sources and transforming this through using machine learning into effective and efficient user workflows,” adds Håvard Odden.

Vissim has not disclosed the value of the contract. 

In the past, Vissim has delivered a similar system to Thai authorities which covers the eastern and upper part of the Gulf of Thailand. This system consists of ten sensor sites in the upper Gulf of Thailand and east towards the Cambodian border, plus a control center in Laem Chabang, the port city municipality in Si Racha and Bang Lamung districts in Chonburi Province, Thailand.

“The Thai coastline is very long and busy. To secure repeat business from Thai coastal authorities is, therefore, the best possible seal of approval for a supplier of maritime awareness systems,” concludes Håvard Odden. 

Thailand’s coastline totals approximately 2,815 kilometers, including the Andaman Sea coastline of 937 kilometers and the Gulf of Thailand coast of 1,878 kilometers. 

Vissim is a software developer and turnkey sensor and infrastructure provider for advanced marine optimization systems around the globe. The company is headquartered in Horten, Norway, and has offices in the UK and Slovakia, in addition to a global partner network.

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  1. Hei, helt OK at man sikre seilasen langs kysten, men synes at water management til lands er like så viktig, Hvert år samme oversvømmelser, samme problem, samme steder.
    Hvorfor har ingen greid å lage en plan for Thailand og deres vannresurser, så oversvømmelser kan unngås? Holland, Korea og Japan har slike system. Hilsen WBN

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