Volvo sales grow 10% in April due to high demand in China

Sweden-based Volvo Cars said on Wednesday, May 3, that sales increased by 10% in April to 51,976 cars. The rise in sales are mainly boosted by strong gains in China.

Volvo Cars said in a statement that sales in China were up 46%. In Europe, its biggest market, sales were up 5%, while in the U.S. they were down 4%.

The carmaker’s shares were down 1% in early trade.

Volvo Cars states that sales of fully electric cars nearly doubled to account for 17% of total sales. All recharge models, also including those not fully electric, were up 28%.

Volvo Cars is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of vehicles, which is majority-owned by Chinese Geely Holding.


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One Comment on “Volvo sales grow 10% in April due to high demand in China”

  1. Very informative! The increase in sales is being driven mostly by substantial gains in China. According to Volvo Cars, sales in China are up 46%. Thank you for sharing this info.

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