China continues military exercises around Taiwan after US visit

China’s military simulated strikes near Taiwan on Sunday, the second day of a large-scale exercise.

It came to a tense situation as nearly 20 warships, about ten from China and ten from Taiwan, guarded each other near the median line of the Taiwan Strait. A source close to Taiwan’s military leadership told Reuters.

According to Chinese state television, the Chinese military practiced surrounding Taiwan. The military simulated precision-guided missile strikes against key targets on the island and in the waters around it.

“The exercise is necessary to ensure China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” says spokesman for the Chinese army.

China’s military began the three-day military exercise on Saturday. By mid-day on Sunday, Taiwan’s military had registered over 58 aircraft in the air.

“The exercises are a serious warning against the Taiwanese separatist forces’, said a statement from the Chinese command group.

The exercise takes place shortly after Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, has returned from a trip to the United States. Here, she met with the chairman of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense says that the Chinese exercises threatens regional stability and security.

“China has used President Tsai’s visit and passage through the United States as an excuse to conduct military exercises that seriously undermine peace, stability and security in the region,” the ministry states.

Taiwan is located to the east of China and considers itself an independent state with its own currency and its own political and legal system.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory, although the parties have had separate governments since the civil war in China ended in 1949.


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