Chinese drones and warplanes violated Taiwanese Air Defense Zone

Dozens of Chinese warplanes have crossed the Taiwan Median Line. Photo: The Guardian

As reported by Danish news media, DR, 71 Chinese military aircrafts and drones has crossed the border of the Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone in 24 hours.

The Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-Wen, said she believed China is attempting to destroy regional peace and bully the Taiwanese people. She further stated Taiwan is forced to lift its defense capacity because of the continued expansion of authoritarianism.

China said they conducted “offense rehearsals” in the ocean and air space surrounding Taiwan as a response to what it called “provocations from the democratically controlled Island and USA”.

An Air Defense Identification Zone is not part of a country’s air space but merely an area in which foreign aircrafts are identified and monitored. The Taiwanese and Chinese zones overlap.

In the zones, and unofficial buffer – The Taiwan Strait median-line – is recognized which is the line that was subject to the Chinese aircraft violations.

USA has recently formulated a new budget for its military spendings in which it is stated China is viewed as a “strategic challenge”

China has previously enforced large military rehearsals as a symbol of power when USA has exhibited Taiwanese support and reckons foreign governments’ visits to the Island as a recognition of Taiwan as an independent state and a challenge of Chinese sovereignty.


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  1. Seventy-one Chinese air force aircraft including fighter jets and drones entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone in the past 24 hour

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