China’s ambassador criticizes Sweden over support for Taiwan

China’s Ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou has in a letter criticized a statement made by the chairman of the Riksdag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Kenneth G Forslund in support of Lithuania, which is being pressured by China because the country wants to develop relations with Taiwan.

Expressen writes in a recent article that China views Taiwan as part of China and countries that in any way treat Taiwan as an independent country usually get strong reactions from the rulers of Beijing.

In the letter sent to the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ambassador Gui Congyou writes that Kenneth G Forslund’s support for Lithuania in the matter is seen as a violation of the principle of China. Sweden usually follows it otherwise, stated the Ambassador. 

“In the field of international relations, the norm is that Taiwan is part of China. The United States and some other countries always ask other countries to follow norms in international relations, but they often break them themselves. Your participation in the current statement violates the principle of a China “, writes the ambassador.

Moreover, the Ambassador states that it is expected that members of parliament will not support Taiwanese separatists and even less use the issue for anti-Chinese activities because it could disrupt the development of China’s relations with Sweden.

Expressen writes that Kenneth G Forslund is not surprised by the letter as he had expected a reaction. He was one of 14 members of parliament to sign the statement condemning China’s political, diplomatic, and economic pressure on Lithuania stating that it constitutes an unwelcome interference in the internal affairs of an EU and NATO country.

In addition to Kenneth G Forslund, 13 parliamentarians from the United States, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries and the European Parliament signed the statement. They hold senior positions in the respective foreign affairs committees and are part of a group that has recurring meetings on foreign affairs, from time to time they make statements.

According to Kenneth G Forslund, the other signatories have received identical and simultaneous reprimands as well. 

What China has reacted extra strongly to is that Lithuania and Taiwan intend to open representations with each other and that in Lithuania it should be called Taiwan’s representation, not Taipei. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, according to Expressen.

Ambassador Gui Congyou emphasize in the letter that he is ready to discuss the subject whenever the opportunity arises.

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