China’s Xpeng delivers first batch of smart electric cars to Norway

He Xiaopeng, chairman and co-founder of Xpeng Motors with the company’s G3 electric SUV, at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, in Guangzhou, China, on November 16, 2018. Photo: Bloomberg

The Guangzhou-based company Xpeng Motors will directly deliver 100 G3 SUVs to individual buyers in Norway. It’s the first time the company delivers the Chinese-made smart EVs directly to individual customers in Europe. 

The deliveries may open the door for Chinese electric vehicle start-ups such as Xpeng, NOI and Li Auto, to target EV-mature markets and mainland drivers’ growing interest in green cars, after making the list of the world’s most valuable companies. The Tesla challengers, all of which are yet to make a profit, are racing to fine-tune production, churn out new models and increase sales to secure a foothold both at home and overseas.

In a statement on Monday the company said: ““Xpeng is actively exploring opportunities in other EV-mature markets with supportive government policies, advanced EV infrastructure and high EV awareness.” Xpeng also plans to launch its P7 electric sports sedan in Europe within the next 12 months

Smart EVs are electric battery-powered cars that use technology to enhance navigation, improve in-car entertainment and link up with other cars or mobile devices digitally.

In 2019, Chinese EV maker Aiways became the first mainland company to export smart SUVs to Europe. The company delivered 500 of its U5 vehicles under a business-to-business deal to Hertz Corse, a car rental firm in Corsica, Italy.

Since the middle of the year, other Chinese carmakers such as BYD and SAIC have started selling conventional electric cars in Europe.

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