Danish cosmetic company Ecooking is ready for Asia expansion 

Founder of Ecooking Tina Søgaard. Photo: Daniel Bank / Ecooking

The Danish company Ecooking, which makes a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products, is ready for expansion into markets in Asia as well as the USA, JydskeVestkysten writes.

Founded in 2015, Ecooking has grown an incredible 719.2 percent over the last four years. But despite the massive growth, founder Tina Søgaard sold in March this year 70 percent of the company to the British private equity fund, Bluegem Capital Partners.

It is not a decision she regrets because she sees the divestment of the company as the opportunity for an international breakthrough. 

According to her, the divestment was necessary if she was to be true to her vision for Ecooking – namely to become Denmark’s largest in cosmetics and skincare and at the same time become a brand that breaks through on the major markets in Asia and the US.

Partnering with Bluegem Capital Partners has given Ecooking so much international experience in under a year and now an expansion is more realistic than it was at the beginning of 2021.

“We did not have a single employee with international experience at the office or warehouse in Denmark which we need if Ecooking is to really go beyond Denmark’s borders and have an opportunity to grow big in Asia and the USA. I still believe that the decision to sell to the private equity fund was the right one, and both internally and externally we have already come out of it strengthened. Although of course, it was a very difficult decision for me to make because in a way I had to give up a part of me,” Tina Søgaard says.

“Conversely, I have said from the beginning that the brand beats everything else. I am constantly setting new goals for the company, and the new goal is to take all our knowledge and of course our products to the international market. And the last half of 2021 has been spent equipping us for just that journey,” Tina Søgaard says.

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