Danish man allegedly attacks woman in Pattaya

A Danish man in Pattaya allegedly attacked a woman and refused to pay for his food. The man was supposedly heavily intoxicated.

The incident happened at a kebab shop near the Flipper House Hotel around 2am Friday, March 24.

The 44-year-old victim, Thanita Panwai, who is the owner of the shop, said the man, only identified as Martin, threw a bottle of ketchup at her and hit her in the face. She said she had to rip off his shirt to prevent him from running away.

According to Thanita, the food only cost 210 baht, but the man became furious at the price and smacked her in the face. When Police arrived they found Thanita with facial swellings.

While the police were investigating the incident, Martin allegedly pulled the victim by her hair and smashed her head into a pole. He was immediately arrested and later taken to jail.

The officers said they planned to detain Martin until he sobered up. Thanita was told to visit a hospital to have her injuries checked and to file legal charges against the Dane.

Martin has refused to speak to the media and has been described as uncooperative by the police.

Source: thethaiger.com

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  1. These kind of people should have their passprts revoked for certain number of years. They should NOT be free first of all, not to mention be the ambassadors of their countries abroad.

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