Danish pork exports to China boomed in 2016


Due to a drop of pork meat production in China, Danish pork farmers are ready to double their exports to the country.

As ScandAsia recently reported, a growing demand for pork meat, especially from China, saved Danish Crown’s summer season. But it is not only Danish Crown who have benefitted from increasing exports to China, Danish farmers have also experienced growth in their exports to the China. 

Jens Hansen, Danish Crown’s Head of Press, describes the booming demand as “a game changer for the farmers, as we have seen the prices on slaughter pigs rise nearly 20% this spring,” he told GlobalMeatNews.

Because of environmental regulations on pig production pollution limits, enforced last year, the Chinese production of pork meat have declined. This have led to a rapid increase in pork meat exports to China.

In terms of Danish pork, the export to China rose from 32,833 tons in the first six months of 2015 to 83,009 tons in the same period in 2016, which equals a growth of 153%.

Also, Danish exports of pork by-products, which is the parts of the pig, have also increased from 75,003 tons in the first six months of 2014 to 111,883 tons in the same period this year.

Today, the demand from China have eased after six months of growth. However, the meat industry projects exports to grow again after the short down period.

“Just now the demand from China is a bit more calm, but it is still significant and it has surely taken out a lot of the pressure on the prices seen since the Russian ban started two years ago,” Jesper Hansen says.


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GlobalMeatNews (4 August, 2016)

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