DCCC’s Board’s Corner: December updates and reflections  

In the Danish Chamber of Commerce China’s recent newsletter, DCCC East Board Member Klaus Björkgren reflects on the year 2021 as a whole while also updating on the Chamber’s December activities.

Klaus Björkgren writes that December was an eventful month as usual, but even more importantly, the month marked a historic moment for the DCCC as a whole. As businesses prepared to close their books for the year and wind down for a relaxing Christmas season, the DCCC reached a significant milestone, merging three chapters across China into one.

Reflecting on the year as a whole, Klaus Björkgren states that 2021 was in many ways another year full of uncertainty. 

“In the cross-border M&A field where I work, 2021, against many expectations, saw strong momentum in foreign investments into China. Investment inflows are on track to surpass 1 trillion Yuan, a record high, accelerated by China’s rapid recovery. The strong growth in inbound investments could also be seen by major investment decisions made by some of our member companies. Going forward, I believe China’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality provides a tremendous opportunity for Danish companies to capitalize on in the years to come.”

Regarding DCCC’s December activities, Klaus Björkgren writes:

On December 8, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held across the three DCCC chapters of North, East, and South China, all unanimously voting for the merger of the chambers into one united organization. As we celebrate this merging, I want to emphasize that, like in other M&A projects, the success of this endeavor would not have been possible without the strong leadership and hard work that has been put in over several years by numerous individuals and teams. Their dedication has given the community an even more cohesive organization that will better serve the interest of Danish companies in China. We now have a committed board to continue the work as we enter the most important phase in any merger: integrating the organizations, with brand consolidation and the membership database first on the agenda. 

On the events side, we kicked off December with an F&B regulatory update webinar, organized together with the Trade Council. Next was the workgroup seminar with Lundbeck, on the optimization of China’s mental health policies. On December 9, the Interchamber Christmas mixer was held together with 20 other chambers. Lastly, a webinar on omnichannel marketing was held with the EU SME Centre.

On December 21, the board gathered for a final board meeting of the year, planning and setting the sight for 2022, with the first activities being finalized as we speak. The focus in 2022 will be on rolling out and building on the benefits of a united DCCC, and increasing the value proposition of our chamber; more details will come soon.

Concluding DCCC’s December update, Klaus Björkgren welcomes on behalf of the entire board, two new members joining DCCC – Suzuki Garphyttan Wire (Suzhou) as a corporate member and Tseung Ching Barbara, as an individual member.

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