Denmark and China both doing their bit for global sustainability

36 countries had more trees growing in 2020 than they did in 2000

China and Denmark have both been named in a sustainability report as countries that now have more trees than they did in the year 2000.

In a report by the World Resource Institute, 36 countries were named that had GAINED more trees than they had lost!

Quoting the news report: “ We know that deforestation is an ongoing, devastating problem — satellite data has been tracking it closely for years. But another question has remained more elusive: How much new forest is growing? Thanks to new data from researchers at the University of Maryland and WRI, we now have an answer: Tree cover — lots of it —is cropping up all over the globe.”

All told, 130.9 million hectares of land gained tree cover globally between 2000 and 2020, according to the study. Put together, that’s an area larger than Peru.

A further news report by Fast Company stated some shocking facts, such as that the world has lost forests covering more than 100 million hectares, an area said to be two and a half times larger than California.

In spite of this, 36 countries did indeed show that they had more trees growing by 2020 than they had in the year 2000, and China and Denmark were in this group.

Fingers crossed the world continues on this positive trajectory to ‘fix’ our planet.

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