Denmark and Finland are in top 3 most sustainable countries

Denmark and Finland are in the top three of the most sustainable countries, according to 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI).

The 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) uses 40 indicators to provide scores and ranks of 180 countries over the world on how effectively they move towards a sustainable future.

The main categories used in the evaluation are climate change performance, environmental health, and ecosystem vitality, reported The Week.

The EPI shows that Denmark is the top country of the rank with 77.90 EPI scores. It is one of the leaders in environmental innovation and ranked first in climate policy, climate change, and carbon dioxide growth rate (by having the lowest growth).

Followed by the United Kingdom as the second and Finland the third, though Finland ranks first in its marine protected areas.

Sweden is ranked the fifth, Iceland the tenth, and Norway the twentieth respectively.

The top 3 countries ranked the lowest on 2022 EPI are Vietnam with scores of 20.10, Myanmar, 19.40, and India, 18.90.


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