Denmark and Singapore to discuss the future of farming with sustainable agriculture


Presented by SGInnovate and the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore, in support of Deep Tech for Good, experts will discuss and share their views on sustainable and innovative future farming in Denmark and Singapore, on the way forward for food security during an upcoming panel discussion on 21 September.  

More about the event:

The agriculture sector faces large challenges, from the environment to manpower to consumption and pandemics. In the long term, climate changes, food market conditions, reforms in agricultural policies, and export caps will continue to pose new challenges. How can we develop sustainable agriculture practices to feed our people under these conditions?

In Singapore, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has been rolling out initiatives to help our country ramp up its production and increase our momentum in achieving our national ’30-by-30’ goal. Investing in local production is one of our key strategies to ensure food security, by supporting farmers through the Agriculture Productivity Fund and in view of the COVID-19 circumstances, the Government is committing even more resources – such as through the new ‘30×30 Express’ grant to help farms with productive and innovative farming systems.

Denmark is a global role model for sustainable food production and innovation with collaborative efforts across the entire food value chain, for the most efficient use of natural resources – with a focus on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Denmark’s knowledge-intensive food sector is built on a tradition for collaboration between companies, authorities, and research institutes. The Danish food production value chain starts from the farms and is driven by a strong mandate to produce food with minimal pollution, high resource efficiency, and a small carbon footprint. Denmark has set its goal to have Danish food production completely climate-neutral by 2050. With plenty of land for farming, why is there a need for indoor vertical farms in Denmark?

What are the opportunities and implications to sustainable agriculture, especially in cities that are looking toward more high-tech indoor vertical farming methods? Join us in our session with sustainable farming experts from Singapore and Denmark, on their take on innovative solutions toward food productivity.

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